Network Update: 1500 Miners

Today, with 1500 active mining peers and approximately 125 billion parameters, we are running the largest decentralized neural network in existence. What is the significance of this?

Measured in compute cycles, Bitcoin has long held the mantle as the largest supercomputer in the world, far surpassing Google data centers. If computer power is the oil of the digital era (it is), Bitcoin has unlocked the global scale reserve of it. So while the growth of other supercomputer networks requires centralized direction, the pure mathematical efficiency of Bitcoin is able to harness, and profit from, the genius of the crowd, and gain access to globally dispersed computer power.

A similar phenomenon is seen in economics. When it came to producing valuable goods, the top down socialist states of the Cold-war era couldn't compete with the adaptive free markets of the West, prompting Hayak to observe that centralized models fail to properly process economic information that exists locally. While the USSR created a million bottles of shampoo, the west created a millions types of shampoo – sufficing the diversity of demand that the politburo couldn't see.

In the field of AI, similar approaches have proven the most effective. Early researchers who attempted to encode information top-down into their systems, for instance, by encoding concepts of syntax and ontologies for language, or edges, or angles for vision, ultimately lost to methods that allowed the system to adapt against a loss function. The methods that relinquished controls and allowed the "invisible hand" of adaptation to do its work were ultimately the most successful.

So with 1500 active miners and a network that is rapidly expanding, we are using the same technology that Bitcoin brought into existence to yield the same results - in terms of scale and efficiency - that have been seen in economics, and in the short history of AI research. We intend to create a machine intelligence network  larger than any other modern AI company is capable of. Join us on discord.

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